BDN • Companion in Christ

Companion in Christ


The Spirit of Companion in Christ is to help believers to have deeper understanding of God’s love, forgiveness,guidance and power through practicing difference spiritual discipline, so get to know God’s will and willing to submit to it.


A 28-week Journey:

Preparatory Meeting (1st week)

 Embracing the Journey: The Way of Christ (5 weeks)

 Feeding on the Word: The Mind of Christ (5 weeks)

 Deepening Our Prayer: The Heart of Christ (6 weeks)

 Responding to Our Call: The Work of Christ (5 weeks)

 Spiritual Guidance: The Spirit of Christ (5 weeks)

 Closing Retreat: Developing a Rule of Life (final week)


Explore Spiritual formation in small group setting, deepen the connection with Christ and with others in daily life.


Strategy for equipping the church leaders:

Pastoral staff and church leaders attend the 2 full days CIC leader training.

Pastors lead leaders’class and identify potential CIC leaders.


Stragtegy in promoting in church

Pastoral staff and CIC leaders recommend potential candidate(from CIC graduates) to attend leader training.

Newly trained candidate first serve as assisatant leader before proceed to be leader.

Graduates can give their recommendation of the next class’ participants.


Graduates could form their own accountable group in Spiritual formation.