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Ang Mo Kio Chinese Methodist Church

Ang Mo Kio Chinese Methodist Church was instituted as a local conference on 24th October 1982. The church has grown gradually over the last 25 years, established the second worship service on 12th July 1998, started the China Ministry Worship Service since 25 Dec 2005 and took on the "Lai Bai Sheng" Dialect Worship Service since Aug 2007.

We aspire to become a Community Church that is filled by the Lord and overflowing with Love. The mission of our church is to be "A Beacon in the Community ~ Enter the Community to Bring men to Christ".

The theme for our church this year (2009) is "Walk together in unity of Heart to build the House of God - New Heart & Faith". Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, brothers and sisters walk and labour together in unity of heart, to redevelop the church for God's glory, striving for spiritual growth and to build a congregation that love God and people. Church redevelopment is a project that requires strong faith and matured spiritual life. This project will surely help our brothers and sisters in their spiritual growth, and exercise their faith in the course of fund raising.


Mailing: 1 Ang Mo Kio Street 21 Singapore 569383
Telephone: 67056150
Facsimile: 67056198
Office email: admin.cac@amkmc.org.sg
Website: www.amkmc-cac.org.sg


Venue: Worship Venue: Level 1 Sanctuary 1
9.00 am Traditional Worship Service
9.00 am Children Worship Service
11.00 am Contemporary Worship Service
3.00 pm Hokkien Worship Service (Saturday)
5.00 pm Contemporary Evening Service (Saturday)

Pastor / Staff

Pastor-In-Charge : Rev Gregory Goh Nai Lat (gregory.gnl@gmail.com )
Associate pastor : Rev Dr Fong Mow Hee (fongmowhee.cac@amkmc.org.sg)
LCEC Chairperson : Mr Loh Chee Ping George (cheepingloh@gmail.com)
Lay Leader : Mdm Wong Pey Wah (peywah@yahoo.com)
Ministry Staff : Mdm Lee Woon Kiaw (leewky@yahoo.com)
Ministry Staff : Mr Yeow Sin Oon (yeowsinoon.cac@amkmc.org.sg)
Ministry Staff : Ms Angela Tan Ying Jie (faith264@gmail.com)
Admin Assistant : Mdm Yeung Yee Man (admin.cac@amkmc.org.sg)

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