Conference Executive Board

The Conference Executive Board comprises the President as Chairperson and between six to fourteen equal representation from ministerial and lay members. The boards executes the decisions of the Annual Conference and co-ordinate the work of the various boards and agencies in the Conference. It is also responsible for the development, administration and evaluation of the programmes of the Annual Conference.


Board of Finance

The Board of Finance, which is chaired by a lay person, administers the conference financial matters, particularly, in the preparation of the annual budget for presentation and acceptance by the Annual Conference. It standardizes the financial system and the common procedures for the submission of financial returns, salary schedules and the appropriate fringe benefits.


Board of Appointments

This Board, comprising the President, the District Superintendents, the Conference Lay Leader as well as the Chairperson of the Board of Finance assist the President in the appointments of ministers to charges and conference workers to other fields.


Board of Ministry

The members of the BOM are elected into the office by the annual conference as nominated by the President. More importantly, it oversees the ministerial recruitment, training, development and all other administration, which pertains to the ordained ministry of the Annual Conference, such as the recommendations in regard to the ordination of deacons and elders. It issues and renews the licences of the local preachers and keeps a record of all ministers (preachers and ministers) who have served and are serving in the Conference.


Board of Laity

This Board composed entirely of the lay people, leads the development of the work of the laity in the Conference and promote a programme of lay work and involvement within the Conference.


Board of Discipleship and Nurture

Through the various means of grace, help advance the CAC Methodist towards maturity in Christ. To that end, the Board has adopted and promoted various training and equipping programmes such as DISCIPLE, Covenant Discipleship, Growing A Healthy Church Seminars, Emmaus Walk, Sunday School Teachers’ Training and other lay training curriculum.


Board of Missions

Co-ordinates and directs the various missionary endeavours. Partners with other CAC of countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan for greater synergy in missions


Board of Outreach and Social Concerns

Social outreach is a unique heritage of the Methodist tradition and to that end, the main purpose of the Board is to lead the various bodies with the Conference to a greater awareness and participation in social care and services.


Board of Witness and Evangelism

Directs training programmes in the various different churches and spearheads efforts for greater concerted effort in witness and evangelism both within and without the CAC, in the organisation and planning of events such as the Chinese New Year Concerts.


Board of Worship and Music

Promotes the work of music and worship ministry among the CAC churches through the provision of various musical training and workshops as well as the fellowship of musicians in the CAC. Various seminars on worship, liturgy and musical skills are aimed at providing continuous training in an effort to blend technology with tradition.


Board of Communications

Through the work of the Board, it hopes not only to communicate and share the Christian faith through the written word but also to provide an avenue whereby the views of Methodist Christians may be convey; and all for the nurturing and enriching of the spiritual life of the believers.


Board of Youth Ministry

Promotes greater fellowship and unity among the various youth groups in the CAC through combined games and youth training


Board of Family Life

To champion the importance of building Christian families within the CAC Churches


Women’s Society for Christian Service