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A Seed Planted, A Seed Grown

A Seed Planted, A Seed Grown


Christmas has its Cradle and Easter has its Cross. In April, we commemorated Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday and His resurrection on the third day. The cross was what began and kept me in my journey of faith.

My Cross Pendant

In my first job, I was sent for training at a training school situated on a hill in a converted colonial house. Classes were held after working hours and we had to climb up and down that hill. Some people said that the house––built during the colonial days––was very old and haunted. That scared me and I shared it with my late mother.

As she went to a mission school and knew the cross, she immediately took me to a goldsmith to buy a cross pendant. She did not say anything but she believed the cross to have the power to ward off evil forces.

I did not know God then, but the cross still gave me an immediate assurance of peace and protection. Years ago, I had it replaced as it was discoloured. In memory of my late mother, I occasionally wear the cross with the jade pendant that I see her wear in her wedding photograph.

My colleagues were my seed planters.

Coming to Christ

I once had colleagues who would use their excess lunchtime for worship and fellowship in the empty general office. That was when I started learning and singing Christian songs. A particular song, “How Great Is Our God”, has stuck with me to date. I still remember the lyrics we sang: How great is our God. How great is His name. He’s the greatest of all and He’s always the same. He rolled back the waters of the mighty Red Sea, and He said: I’ll lead you if you follow me.

Exodus 14:21 says: “The LORD caused the sea to go back, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided.” That is profound, I thought. How could a part of the sea have become dry land and been momentarily divided? It sounds impossible but I knew it was a miracle that only our almighty God could perform. I learnt that only our great God has such power.

My colleagues were my seed planters. A friend of one even gave me her very old KJV bible which I still hold today. She did so gladly in obedience to Christ, reached out, and brought His Word to me. I eventually accepted Christ during the mass altar call at an evangelistic event in a packed national stadium. I was then baptised, over 30 years ago, along with all my immediate family members. This faith milestone came with abundant grace and blessings as the Lord saw each of us through our respective lives.

I found myself on unfamiliar grounds with each new job that I moved into but I relied on God amidst my feelings of inadequacies. The result was successful completion with an added sense of achievement. By God’s grace, my work efforts were also acknowledged. Praise be to God.

I am grateful to our great God for watching over the seed that was planted in me decades ago and for growing me into what I am today.

Serving Him

Jesus came to earth to serve; not to be served. Based on this, and knowing I have to work out my salvation, I always look out for opportunities to serve because serving others is akin to serving Him. While I prefer working behind the scenes instead of in roles that put me in the limelight, wherever God calls, I will respond.

Despite my fear of technology, I responded bravely to my church’s call for livestream broadcasters during COVID-19 times––when church services had to go online. Along the way, as I hit obstacles, I told my mentor that I wanted to give up and let others take over. But with God’s help, I pressed on.

It took me months to overcome the fear and settle in but I eventually found myself at greater ease with the task. I am now rostered to do broadcasting every third Sunday of the month. I thank God that He was with me through the struggle.

I am grateful to our great God for watching over the seed that was planted in me decades ago and for growing me into what I am today. Indeed, our God is the almighty God with the power to roll back the mighty Red Sea to create a strip of dry land to save the lives of His beloved people. Amen.

Lynette Loo
Member, Grace Methodist Church
Member, CAC News Editorial Committee