22 Jul: Foochow Methodist Church

Foochow Methodist Church came into existence in mid-December 1897. Our Foochow Methodist Church is the second oldest church in the Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Singapore.

Despite the turbulence in world affairs and the many difficulties faced by our Church, more than a hundred years passed by as a day. The work of building up the church continued unabated. Praise be to God for His Grace and Guidance!


18 Jul: Hakka Methodist Church

From its humble beginnings, the sturdy growth of the Singapore Hakka Methodist Church is well represented by the thousand pound aluminium cross which was put in place with the help of two RAF helicopters, back in 1966. In holding up the cross of Christ, the church continues to draw all to Jesus Christ.


05 Nov: Hinghwa Methodist Church

Hinghwa Methodist Church was founded in 1911. The church was begun by Rev Dr. W. N. Brewster a missionary working in the Fujian Province of China.

The church purchased her first property, a shop-house in Sam Leong Road in 1933. Subsequently, in 1941, she bought the present site at Kitchener Road. In April 1986, the present 4-storey building was completed and was dedicated on 27th Nov 1986.

The church started off with a Hinghwa-speaking congregation. Later on, the Mandarin-speaking, as well as the English-speaking congregations, were added. The church seeks to fulfill her God-given vision of being a lighthouse for Christ and is very actively reaching out to her neighbourhood.


18 Jul: Kum Yan Methodist Church

We are a contemporary, family-oriented Methodist church that began as a purely dialect-speaking church in 1918. Over the years we have incorporated worship services in Cantonese, English and Mandarin to accommodate the changing needs of our community and society. The glue that binds the different congregations together is our value of unity in diversity.

While reaching Cantonese speakers continues to be a mission of Kum Yan Church, our scope has broadened over the years. We have a thriving children’s ministry as well as a vibrant youth ministry. We are conducting Alpha Courses, and other evangelistic events in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.


18 Jul: Yishun Methodist Mission

Yishun Methodist Mission was initiated in 1994 in the northern suburb of Singapore. It is a cell-based church dedicated to turning this community to Christ. The church uses Prayer Evangelism, Servant Evangelism, and Cell Evangelism to reach out. It has a vibrant children and youth ministry which reaches out to the schools in the vicinity.