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Current Year

2021 liturgical calendar

Date Event
6/1/23 Epiphany of the Lord (white/gold)
8/1/23 Baptism of the Lord (white)
9/1/23-21/2/23 Ordinary Time (green)
19/2/23 Transfiguration Sunday (white)
22/2/23 Ash Wednesday (purple)
22/2/23-6/4/23 Lent (purple)
2/4/23 Palm / Passion Sunday (purple)
2-8/4/23 Holy Week (purple)
6/4/23 Holy Thursday / Maundy Thursday (purple)
7/4/23 Good Friday (black/none)
9/4/23 Easter (white/gold)
18/5/23 Ascension Day (white/gold)
21/5/23 Ascension Sunday (white/gold)
28/5/23 Pentecost Sunday (red)
29/5/23-30/11/23 Ordinary Time (green)
4/6/23 Holy Trinity Sunday (white/gold)
27/8/23 Kingdomtide Sunday (green)
1/11/23 All Saints Day (white)
5/11/23 All Saints Sunday (white)
26/11/23 Christ the King Sunday (white/gold)
3-24/12/23 Season of Advent (purple/blue)
25/12/23 Christmas Day (white/gold)
31/12/23 Watch-night Service (white/gold)

CAC Special Sundays

Date Event
19/3/23* Social Concerns Sunday
14/5/23* WSCS Sunday
21/5/23 Aldersgate Sunday
2/7/23 Youth Sunday
16/7/23* Missions and Evangelism Sunday
13/8/23* CAC Sunday
10/9/23 Church School Sunday
8/10/23* Trinity Theological College Sunday
12/11/23 Sacred Music Sunday
19/11/23 Senior Citizens / Retired Pastors Sunday
10/12/23* Methodist Schools Foundation Sunday

*Special Second Offering

CAC Other Events

Date Event
12-14/4/23 Combined Pastors Retreat
15-16/4/23 CAC Pastors Retreat
20/5/23 Aldersgate Celebration
23/5/23 Combined Pastors Fellowship
23-24/5/23 Aldersgate Lectures
22/7/23 CAC Special Session
13-16/11/23 48th Session of CAC

^ These dates are pending confirmation and may be subject to change.

Public Holiday

Date Event
1/1/23* New Year's Day
22-23/1/23** Chinese New Year
7/4/23 Good Friday
22/4/23 Hari Raya Puasa
1/5/23 Labour Day
2/6/23 Vesak Day
29/6/23 Hari Raya Haji
9/8/23 National Day
12/11/23*** Deepavali
25/12/23 Christmas

* Monday, 15 Feb, will be a school holiday.
** Monday, 3 May, will be a school holiday.

School Holiday

Date Event
School Holidays (Primary & Secondary)
2/7/23* Youth Day
10/8/23 Day after National Day
1/9/23 Teachers’ Day
6/10/23** Children’s Day

^ The following Monday, 5 July 2021, will a scheduled school holiday.
^^ For primary schools & primary sections of full schools only.

2021 CAC Pastors’ Special Appointment by Bishop

Associate Director of Christian Ministry in Schools

Rev Edmund Koh

Methodist School Chaplains Rev Lek Yong Teck, Rev Erick Tan, Rev Christopher Kong, Pr Teh You Siong, Rev Shawn Koh, Rev Glenn Tan, Pr Gareth Yeo, Pr Joseph Chen, Rev Simon Cheo, Rev Bernard Chng, Rev Dr David Koh, Rev Patrick Chen, Rev Peter Pan, Rev Lui Yuan Tze, Rev Cynthia Choo, Rev Boey Kok Yeow, Rev Paul Thian, Rev Wilfred Leow, Rev Ong Bee Keow, Rev Joshua Ong, Pr Michael Lee, Rev Edmund Koh, Rev Timothy Ang, Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan, Rev Seet Keng Tat, Rev Jasper Sim, Rev Peace Choi [From 1 Jul 2023 onwards], and Rev Jasper Ngoh [From 1 May 2023 onwards]
Missionaries with MMS Rev Cassandra Lee
Director of DISCIPLE Agency Rev Lisa Yu Li Hsin

2021 Special Appointment by President

Trinity Theological College Principal & Lecturer

Rev Dr Edwin Tay Ed Min

Lecturers at Trinity Theological College & Chaplains to CAC Students at Trinity Theological College Rev Dr Wilfred Ho Wai Tat
(Local Church Attachment: Kum Yan MC)
Rev Dr Andrew Peh Swee Kian
(Local Church Attachment: Bukit Panjang MC)
Rev Dr Nathanael Goh Jun Chuen (Local Church Attachment: Sengkang MC)
Principal, Institute of Elderly Rev Khoo Cheng Hoot (Honorary)
1-year Sabbatical Rev Tack Ng Lai Chun
Rev Irman Halim

District Superintendent: Rev Lek Yong Teck

Geylang Chinese Methodist Church

Rev Paul Thian Moon Hee

Associate Pastor:
Rev Wilfred Leow Hui Ann


Paya Lebar CMC / Paya Lebar M Mission

Rev Dr David Koh Ah Chye

Associate Pastor:
Rev Ng Beng Keow
Rev Boey Kok Yeow
Rev Jasper Sim Shenq Chyi
Rev Patrick Chen Guek Fah


Changi MC / Punggol Preaching Point Project

Rev Simon Cheo Hsun Shen

Charis Methodist Church

Rev Lui Yuan Tze

Associate Pastor:
Rev Daniel Teoh Kean Oon
Rev Peace Choi Pyong Hwa

Rev Dr Andrew Peh Swee Kian


Sengkang Methodist Church

Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey

Associate Pastor:
Rev Peter Pan Seng Tai
Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan

Assistant Pasor:
Rev Nathanael Goh Jun Chuen

Rev Lisa Yu Li Hsin

District Superintendent: Rev Philip Lim Kian Long

Telok Ayer CMC / TA2

Rev Chua Ooi Suah

Associate Pastor:
Rev Dr Joshua Tan Sin Kian

Assistant Pastor:
Rev Jasper Ngoh Jun Jie
Rev Patrick Lim Kok Chu
Rev Lin Ming Zhong

Pr Timothy Ang Pei-Zheng


Bukit Panjang Methodist Church

Rev Lek Yong Teck

Associate Pastor:
Rev Erick Tan Eng Ghee
Rev Christopher Louis Kong Chung Dai

Pr Teh You Siong

Grace Methodist Church

Rev Dr Ian Jew Yun Shern

Associate Pastor:
Rev Eric Soh Wai Foon

Pr Gareth Yeo


Holy Covenant Methodist Church

Rev Edmund Koh Lik Hng

Assistant Pastor:
Rev Florence Ngu Siew Ning

District Superintendent: Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey

Foochow Methodist Church

Rev Poh Heow Lee

Associate Pastor:
Rev Lau Chong Yaw

Re-engagement of Retired Pastor:
Rev Seet Keng Tat

Pr Ong Bee Keow

Rev Dr Wilfred Ho Wai Tat


Hinghwa Methodist Church

Rev Chu Vee Ping

Associate Pastor:
Rev Anne Lim Ai Lei
Rev Peter Soh Kee Lie

Kum Yan MC / Kum Yan MC (Woodland)

Rev Philip Lim Kian Leong

Associate Pastor:
Rev Herman Kan Man Shek

Pr Joseph Chen Yong Chang


Hakka Methodist Church

Rev Irman Halim

Associate Pastor:
Rev Nathanael Chew Eng Pin


Yishun Methodist Mission

Rev Cynthia Choo Bee Lay

Assistant Pastor:
Rev Bernard Chng Chun Yong

District Superintendent: Rev Chua Ooi Suah

Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church

Rev Ling Tieng Ngung

Associate Pastor:
Rev Tack Ng Lai Chun

Re-engagement of Retired Pastor:
Rev Goh Aik Hiang

Assistant Pastor:
Rev Jacqueline Ho Sow Fong
Rev Joshua Ong Chee Xiang


Ang Mo Kio Chinese Methodist Church

Rev Helen Hoe Chiew Ngin

Assistant Pastor:
Rev Wang Hai Bin

Pr Shawn Koh Shin Jan

Toa Payoh Chinese Methodist Church

Rev Chin Yan Chong

Associate Pastor:
Rev Koh Chew Hai

Assistant Pastor:
Rev Glenn Tan Tze Meng