Discipleship & Nurture

Purpose / Mission of Board Provide various means of grace to nurture Christ-like character throughout the life cycle of Christians.

Name of Board: 信仰培育与门徒训练部
Purpose / Mission of Board使命: 提供各种蒙恩途径,培养信徒在人生各阶段中建立基督化人格。Provide various means of grace to nurture Christ-like character throughout the life cycle of Christians.

门徒训练事工Discipleship Ministries

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《门徒》DISCIPLE 《门徒》课程透过有纪律持续性的研读圣经,为教会培养坚强的基督徒领袖。


DISCIPLE course aim to develop strong Christian leaders through regular in-depth study of Scripture. There are 4 series: 1. BECOMING DISCIPLE THROUGH BIBLE STUDY; 2. INTO THE WORD, INTO THE WORLD; 3. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE; 4. UNDER THE TREE OF LIFE.

有基本信仰基础的信徒,以及事工领袖Believers who completed fundamental courses, ministry leaders 门徒机构DISCIPLE Agency
《立约门徒》小组Covenant Discipleship Group 帮助愿意认真作主门徒的信徒有纪律的藉着彼此督促,互相扶持的立约关系,以怜悯、公义、敬拜和灵修行动中活出基督的教导,在世上作基督忠实可靠的见证人。

Focus on mutual accountability and support for those who take their discipleship seriously to follow Christ’s teaching through acts of compassion, justice, worship and devotion so as to be faithful witness for Christ in the world.

所有信徒All Believers NIL
《建立健康教会》Growing A Healthy Church 《建立健康教会》帮助教会或事工能依循耶稣所示范的塑造门徒的过程。通过几个训练课程和事工实行的指导,让教会能确定在塑造门徒的过程中,各会友所处的阶段,以致建立一个塑造门徒的途径,引导每个会友持续往前成长。

Growing a Healthy Church helps churches or ministries follow the process of shaping disciples as Jesus demonstrated. Through several training courses and implementation coaching, the church can determine where our members are in the disciple-making process and we must build a disciple-making pathway to help every member to grow to the next phase.

教牧和信徒领袖Pastoral Staff and Lay Leaders 圣子生命事工材料,由圣子事工培训员翻译。Material published and translated by Sonlife Ministry
《关怀布道法》组长培训Equipping of Facilitators of Caring Evangelism 关怀布道是一个言语与行动并行的布道法,透过一个以过程为本,以他人为中心的原则,与人建立关系,而最终让他人发现自己需要救主,进而接受上帝在耶稣里所赐的救赎和新生命,忠心地回应上帝的爱。

Caring Evangelism is communicating the Good News about Jesus Christ through word and deed, in a process-oriented, other-centered way so that others discover their need for a Savior, receive the forgiveness and new life that God gives in Jesus, and respond to God’s love faithfully.

有心志、负担的信徒 Believers who are burdened to promote this program 华人年议会见证与布道部

Board of Witness & Evangelism,  CAC

灵性塑造事工Spiritual Formation Ministries

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《基督里的良伴》Companion In Christ 这灵命塑造课程提供一个环境让参加者藉着教导和不同的属灵操练方式,在个自以及在小组的操练中,以聆听、辩明和回应上帝的呼召,活出与基督联合及亲密同行。参加者也从中体验在基督徒群体中一起领受恩典,藉圣灵互相引导的潜能,一起寻求明白和回应上帝的旨意,在基督里属灵的合一。 有基本信仰基础的信徒Believers who’ve  completed fundamental courses. 门徒机构DISCIPLE Agency
《灵修操练》Spiritual Discipline 通过不同类别、单日或住营的静修会,邀请基督徒从忙碌生活中刻意放慢脚步,有空间和时间能与主耶稣基督安静独处,在祂里面得着安息。 所有信徒All Believers 很乐意与各堂会,主内肢体配搭

Most willing to work with any local churches and Body-in-Christ.

《以马忤斯之旅》Walk To Emmaus 以马忤斯之旅是一个属灵的更新运动,参加者得以在基督的社体内与复活的主相遇,经历上帝恩典,内心的热忱再次被圣灵重燃,被激发和接受挑战,在家庭、教会与工作场所热忱地活出被更新的生命。这运动透过信徒领袖与教牧配搭事奉,培训和建立基督的门徒与所在的教会一起在世上完成基督所托付她的使命。

Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal movement for participants to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as he is revealed through other believers so to rediscover and be enlightened by God’s grace, to be inspire, challenge, and equip for Christian action in their homes, churches, and places of work. This movement brought by the partnership of laity and clergy. It seeks to strengthen the church to fulfil her mission in the world by equipping and developing faithful and committed disciples of Christ.

渴望属灵生命被建立和委身的信徒All Believers Upper Room Walk to Emmaus

信仰培育事工Nurture Ministry

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信仰培育事工Nurture Ministry 促进各堂之间的联系、沟通和分享资源;推介适合培育各年龄阶段的信徒课程和训练,以及举办训练。

Promote networking, communication and sharing of resources among CAC churches; promote follow-up courses and training for all ages, and organize training.

所有信徒All Believers