Liturgical Resources


Date Event
06/01/21 Epiphany of the Lord (white/gold)
10/01/21 Baptism of the Lord (white)
14/02/21 Transfiguration Sunday (white)
17/02/21 Ash Wednesday (purple)
17/02/21-03/04/21 Lent (purple)
28/03/21 Palm / Passion Sunday (purple)
28/03/21-03/04/21 Holy Week (purple)
01/04/21 Holy Thursday / Maundy Thursday (purple)
02/04/21 Good Friday (black/none)
04/04/21 Easter (white/gold)
13/05/21 Ascension Day (white/gold)
16/05/21 Ascension Sunday (white/gold)
23/05/21 Pentecost Sunday (red)
24/05/21-20/11/21 Ordinary Time (green)
30/05/21 Holy Trinity Sunday (white/gold)
29/08/21 Kingdomtide Sunday (green)
01/11/21 All Saints Day (white)
21/11/21 Christ the King Sunday (white/gold)
28/11/21-24/12/21 Season of Advent (purple/blue)
25/12/21 Christmas Day (white/gold)
31/12/21 Watch-night Service (white/gold)


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Explaining Lent & Easter Period (English/Chinese, PDF)
How to Prepare for Ash Wednesday (Mandarin, MP4)
Passover Ritual (Mandarin, MP4)
About Ash Wednesday (Chinese, JPG)
2020 MCS135 Lent Prayer & Word "The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53" (Rev Gordon Wong) (English with Mandarin subtitles, MP4 Playlist)
1. Sprinkle or Startle? (Isaiah 52:13-15)
2. Shunned and Sickly (Isaiah 53:1-3)
3. Stabbed and Shamed (Isaiah 53:4-6)
4. Silent or Silenced? (Isaiah 53:7)
5. Suffering and Significance (Isaiah 53:8-12)
Holy Week Meditation (English/Chinese, PDF)


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Wesley Covenant Prayer (English/Chinese, PDF)