CAC NEWS - December 2021

Pastor Retirement 2021


Rev Poh Heow Lee 傅後利牧师

“I was active in my home church, Grace Methodist Church and my contract service with the SAF had come to an end God showed that it made sense that I should serve both God and country in full-time roles…… 5 years later, God opened the door (for me) to study overseas…… This training strengthened my resolve to work with young people…… With this intent, I applied for ordination in the CAC. I supposed that this would lead to a position of a youth pastor, what I didn’t know is that there was no such position. But God had a larger plan; He showed and provided specific roles and opportunities to lead the young people in the Conference and also the church congregations. God had used me to go where I have not gone before in ministry.”

Rev Poh shares more on the greatest takeaway in his many years of serving and his outlook on upcoming years. Watch his full video interview!

Rev Louis Chai 蔡尚志牧师

“我要感谢天父上帝,让我有机会和大家一起服事祂。我的生命中有14年的时间能在宣教机构和教会全时间服事。我感到无比的荣幸;感谢主的恩典…… 尽管我在2013年脑中风,改变了我原有的一切计划,天父上帝总是信使的我虽然行过死荫的幽谷祂却与我同在,和我交谈,并医治我…… 拿了8年的病假我今天可以正式地退休。”

谁是蔡牧师最坚定的帮助和事工上最好的同伴? 退休后,牧师将继续为什么而奋斗?请收看完整视频。


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